Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mocha Me is Back Up and Running...!!!

Boy did I ever make a mistake by closing up Mocha Me.....What I didn't realize was this - a blog is much more than just mere words and recipes.  I started  Mocha Me 5 years ago and didn't realize that a blog is almost like giving birth.  An idea that you gave birth to and nurtured with your recipes and whatever else you choose to blog about over the years.  I missed Mocha Me. I missed all the people who visited Mocha Me and who I formed "blog friendships" with over the years. Even if the friendship just consisted of an occasional comment. Even though I was excited to start a new blog it just didn't work. At least not for me. It didn't feel like "home." This is home to me and I am back. Period.  I will definitely be blogging my vegan recipes but also vegetarian ones. My husband who has always been my biggest fan and supporter will also contribute so that I have recipes for everyone. He's not vegan nor is he vegetarian. He loves all food!  So I'll be posting his recipes too. I also plan on posting lots of different things. Not just recipes. Just things I think are important or love and want to share with all of you.

So hello again all my Mocha friends...I've missed you....and I've missed Mocha. Stay tuned for pics that I'll be posting soon from our vacation on Chincoteague Island. Why can't every day be a vacation..?????